Meringue Buttercream Wedding Cake

Meringue Buttercream Wedding Cake~Chef and a Baker
Wedding cakes are one of my favorite parts of working in the bakery.
I love how I can be an artist.
This is a very simple yet elegant buttercream design, with chocolate cake and vanilla cake on the inside.
For the best looks on the outside and inside of each tier, we assemble them with four layers of cake at 5/8 of an inch and three layers of filling at 1/2 and inch. Adding up to 4 inches tall.
The bottom tier in this cake is a classic vanilla poundcake doused with vanilla simple syrup and filled with vanilla napolean. Finally frosted with vanilla flavored meringue buttercream for the crumb coat and the finish coat.
The top two tiers are made of chocolate cake doused in raspberry simple syrup and filled with stabilized raspberry whipped cream.
They are then frosted with crème de cocoa flavored meringue buttercream for the crumb coat and finished with the same vanilla buttercream as the bottom tier to make for a uniform color and consistency on the outside.

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